About Us:

Tumaini Letu- Children Care and Women Support Compassion is a registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that was established in 1992 and registered in 1996 in the Ministry of Home Affairs with registration number 8933 and reregistered “Children Care and Women Support Compassion Organization” in February 2016 with registration no 08413 to comply with NGOs registration Act no 24 of 2002.

The organization was established in order to assist needy orphans and vulnerable children particularly those affected by HIV/AIDS.   The need to support orphans and poor women was emphasized through a baseline survey that was conducted in 1989 which revealed that children, especially orphans and women were the most negatively affected by the loss of parents and/ or spouses. The organization also implementing Early Childhood Development (ECD), programs through establishment of community based day care centers that provide kinder and preschool education using Montessori model, nutrition to young children and advocacy for ECD to Local Government Authorities and other community groups.

To date Tumaini Letu- Children Care and Women Support Compassion runs 20 day care centers in Muleba District with 5,105 young children (3-6 yrs) of which 75% are orphans and other vulnerable children by supporting them with proper nutritious meals, Health services, kinder and pre-school education, opportunities to attend primary and secondary school. They also run a savings and credit scheme for women (HANURA) who are care takers of orphans and vulnerable children.  In addition Tumaini Letu organizes scout camps for MVC and runs various social counseling activities.

    • The main purpose of Tumaini Letu- Children Care and Women Support Compassion Organization is to enhance development in totality and fight against the root cause of Vulnerability and its integrated effects.
    • Tumaini Letu- Children Care and Women Support Compassion Organization’s approaches are through participation of beneficiaries in the identification of their problems and look for solutions. Tumaini Letu has been running different interventions since 1992 with remarkable achievements and impacts. The organization has a proven record of accomplishing different projects through involvement and participation of community members.