Recently Tumaini Letu staff and Champions for Early Childhood (C4EC) conducted the Learning visit to Catholic Relief Services in Lesotho as one of the Better Way Foundation Grantees in Africa. Thank you very much BWF for supporting this important learning visit. The purposes of this visit was to;

  • Increase the Tanzania partners’ knowledge on how Catholic Relief Services (CRS) multi-sectoral approach works with different partners implementing ECD programs.
  • Improve the Tanzania Partners’ knowledge on how CRS works with the government of Lesotho, the kind of support they get from the government and how useful it is.
  • Increase the Tanzania partners’ skills on how CRS engages with the implementing partners and resource partners (Technical and M&E), the challenges they face and what they are doing to overcome them.
  • Improve Tanzania partners’ knowledge on the approach CRS uses in training the teachers and engaging the community (What have been the outcomes/achievements so far since the beginning of the program? What are the factors for such achievements?)
  • Learn how positive parenting contributes to child development (Get hold of their parenting manual and how they are using it).
  • Gain knowledge on what CRS and its partners are doing in terms of sustainability, particularly fundraising and resource mobilization, what they have achieved so far and the challenges they have faced.

During our time in Lesotho we managed to attend parenting skills presentations, Visiting ECD Centres, Attending Saving and Internal Lending Community meetings and attending the Child Well-being Day as per pictures bellow.

CRS staff presentation on how they integrate parenting skills education in ECCD programs
C4CE members during parenting skills presentation
CRS coordinator presentation on Whose Child is this? Project
C4EC members attended one of the SILC group meeting in Maseru- Lesotho
One of the ECD Centres visited by C4EC team in Maseru- Lesotho
C4EC team managed to attend the Child wellbeing Day in Tsaba Tseka District- Lesotho