• To increase community ownership and capacity to implement holistic ECD programs
    • Improve the well-being of children 0-8 years through increased access to essential, age-appropriate services
    • To strengthen the capacity of Local Government Authorities to respond to the needs of young children
    • To improve ECD programs in Kagera Region, through use of information, research findings and critical learning.
    • Increase community and CSO capacity to provide and sustain positive care for young children in HIV/AIDS affected communities.
    • To collaborate with individuals, organizations and the Government in the fight against HIV/AIDS and Gender Based Violence (GBV) issues among Key Vulnerable Populations
    • Improve caregiver well-being and capacity to provide consistent, responsive care for children age 0-8 years
    • Collaborate with public and private sector to increase technical, financial and material support to OVC and community support groups
    • To improve institution and Local Government Authorities (LGAs) M&E systems for ECD services
    • To mobilize sufficient human and financial resources through different strategies towards sustainable delivery of services in order to achieve the rest of its objectives.