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“The annual two-day, free festival is not only a creative outlet and source of entertainment for residents but works to improve the standing of refugees displaced to Malawi.” National Geographic
A review of Tumaini Festival 2018 by The Daily Times
A review of Tumaini Festival 2017 by The Daily Times
“Tumaini” means “hope” in Swahili and for many residents of Dzaleka, the Tumaini festival means exactly that; an opportunity to forget their sufferings.” Deutsche Welle
“We are not allowed to go outside and for you to go outside there is a process that you follow. Again there are a lot of artists here but they do not have the platform to showcase their talents so Tumaini has offered that chance,” The Daily Time
“Tumaini, Swahili word for hope, seeks to bring joy, hope and allow refugees at the camp to minimise the trauma that comes with fleeing home and to forget about the persecutions that forced them to flee.” The Nation
“Tumaini festival, which is held at the Dzaleka camp, aims to change perceptions about refugees by showcasing their many talents.” The Guardian
“The Tumaini Festival is a unique community music festival held in Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Dowa, Malawi. It aims to promote collaboration and hope through music.” Music in Africa
More than 100 youths attended the conference which was conducted under the theme “engaging youth as agents of social cohesion and peaceful coexistence between refugees and host communities’’. Timveni
“A non-profit organisation that has turned a refugee camp into a ‘living society’ that sings, dances and stands together for peace has won the Dh500,000 grand prize at the fourth Sharjah International Award for Refugee Advocacy and Support (Siara).” Khaleej Times