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The Youth Stage program is designed to give youth a voice through workshops, debates, conferences, and talent shows that tackle the issues affecting young people and the community. By actively listening to youth, Tumaini Letu aims to facilitate positive behavior change to ensure a healthy and responsible lifestyle that will contribute to the economic growth of the Dzaleka community and to the well-being of the world at large. 


The Tumaini Home Stay is meant to serve as an example, showing the world that apart from looking for shelter, refugees can also host others by generously sharing the space they have. This project aims to shift the attitude and negative perception people have towards refugees, by creating strong and lasting connections between guests and host families.

The Home Stay program contributes to boosting the economy within the Dzaleka Refugee Camp as guests pay host families for their hospitality, and also purchase goods and services, such as crafts, fabric, tailoring, produce from the local markets, and more, during their stay in the camp.


In order to encourage entrepreneurship as a tool for the refugee community to become self-reliant and self-sustaining, Tumaini Letu provides job training to refugee women and youth. They are taught business and entrepreneurial skills, and given access to funding opportunities and marketplaces at which to sell their products and services outside the Dzaleka Refugee Camp.


Through this program, young refugees have the opportunity to receive training in a variety of art forms, including visual arts, photography, video production, performing arts, and creative writing. They are encouraged to tell their unique stories and use their art as a tool for advocacy and change.


The Dzaleka Storytelling Project’s main objective is to support the importance of  intercultural learning, through safeguarding the intangible cultural heritage of refugees and asylum-seekers in Dzaleka by sharing and documenting the traditional stories (folktales) from their countries.

Tumaini Festival together with Plan International Malawi and UNHCR kick-off pre-festival events with a children talent showcase at Lilongwe Wildlife Centre. Dance, poetry, acrobatic and comedy talents from the Dzaleka Children’s Arts Club and the Hear Us Children from Music Crossroads Malawi